Pay the vendor

Anyone, myself included who’s been freelancing for sometime knows how hard it hits when you don’t get paid. That’s why all of us, myself included, became half lawyers. I’m in a class of regular folk who spent enough time negotiating contracts that I can argue about the use of “shall” and “must” compellingly.

A serial startup founder named Sunil Paul screwed over a client of mine. The short version is after a negotiation Paul signed a contract with Push ROI, and the next day had a representative breach that contract. His company Spring Free EV, refused to pay the severance they had agreed to, and wouldn’t negotiate a settlement in good faith. All of that is bad, and mind numbingly angering to me as someone who’s gotten the short end of the stick too many times to count.

Spring Free EV may not yet know it, but they just picked a fight they cannot possibly win. Their actions, inexcusable, but so frequent as to be forgettable. But this time, somehow I think the inexcusable actions will be remembered.

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