New Favorite Word Is Askhole

“An askhole is someone who continually asks for advice but never follows it. Askholes can make their friends feel used and abused.”

I only recently heard the phrase because of a friend’s article about his experience with someone who demanded advice but never followed it. You know a real askhole.

“There is another kind of askhole, someone who asks for your advice but never takes it. No one is expected to take every bit of advice they are given, but when you demonstrate over and over that you do not value your adviser by ignoring them, you are being rude. If you don’t value the advice, stop asking.

The level of askholeary can turn up to 11, if the person asking for advice also combats the advice by explaining vague stories of other people’s differing opinions. When I’m dispensing marketing advice, I don’t care very much about these stories for a few reasons. […]

Those reasons aside, it’s remarkably invalidating to be asked for expert advice and immediately have your expertise challenged. No one has to take every nugget of wisdom dispensed like Pez when I partially detach my head and rain my experience onto the world. But, explaining why your accountant’s son-in-law’s friend is perhaps wrong is scope creep from advice to a longer discussion. And if you aren’t going to take advice, don’t ask for it.” writes my friend from Push ROI.”

Not being an askhole is one of Huffpost’s things to stop doing starting today

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